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About BlueM: "Most brands claim to be natural although the formulas have never been so complex. With a multitude of ingredients it becomes difficult to understand the real composition. We try to be as transparent as possible and create oral care products that really work." - Fokke Jan Middendorp (CEO, BlueM)

BlueM revolution (about BlueM)

Established in 2009 BlueM has revolutionised the oral care sector. Under the leadership of surgeon Dr. Peter Blijdorp, a team consisting of implantologists, oral surgeons and dentists identified an opportunity to create a product that would assist with the healing process and maintenance of oral implants and wounds. Focusing on the powerful benefits oxygen possess within the healing process, Dr. Blijdorp and his team created the unique formula that he has used for many years at his practice. In addition to significantly speeding up the healing process of the mouth after treatment, the formula also has a powerful anti-bacterial effect that benefits many oral issues. 

BlueM's unique formula already assists many people around the world currently being sold in over 25 countries!

Business consultant Fokke Jan Middendorp and Dr. Peter Blijdorp identified the opportunity to share this secret with the world and founded BlueM. Together Middendorp and Blijdorp identified a need to get this formula out in the market to help the large amount of people that have oral issues with a product that heals the mouth significantly faster than any other on the market. BlueM’s wide product range allows for the different needs from large soft tissue damage to maintenance of implants.



Focus BlueM

At BlueM we focus on oral care products that are respectful for the whole body. Through our 20 years of clinical research and over 50 International publications we continue to use our knowledge to help the many people out there with implant, periodontal and orthodontic issues. 

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