Experiences of Dental Hygienist Lia van Dusseldorp

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  • By Cindy van de Moosdijk

Dental hygienist Lia van Dusseldorp tells us about her experiences using BlueM oral care products in her dental practice.

Dr. Peter Blijdorp recommended BlueM to Lia and she now uses BlueM toothpaste, mouthwash and oral gel with active oxygen in the practice. Amongst other things, she uses the products to treat cases of periodontitis, for cleaning pockets and overall maintenance of patients oral health.

In her private life Lia also reccomends BlueM. Sadly, her mother got cancer and underwent chemotherapy. The chemo caused a wound in her mouth which made eating extremelly difficult and painful.  She used BlueM oral gel which encouraged the healing process. It was enlighting!

Watch this video of dental hygienist Lia van Dusseldorp and her experiences! (English subtitles)