My answer was the use of BlueM oral care products!

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  • By Debora Schot-de Waal

“After being diagnosed with cancer for the second time, I tried (for that time) a experimental medicine for which I used bone amplifiers (X-geva). The leaflet said you have to be careful with your teeth and you may not undergo treatments like extractions during the use of these bone amplifiers.

"Unfortunately, I suffered an inflammation above a crown and a apicoectomy had to be conducted. The wound I had as a result from this treatment did not heal at all and I was very scared when the dental surgeon told me that I needed a gum transplantation. An appointment later, the surgeon was very surprised with the results I’d achieved. The wound was not inflamed or painful. My answer was the use of BlueM oral care products. He had not heard of it, which I think is unfortunate since it is a missed opportunity for all patients suffering the same problems. It was horrible the things I had to go through but I am convinced that without the BlueM products I would have a large inflamed jaw (and the oral surgeon said similar). I am a big fan of BlueM! “
- The Netherlands, April 2014.