Effective treatment and prevention of inflammatory gums with BlueM products

Gum problems can be annoying and inflammatory gums can be very painful. Research reveals that the body is directly affected by oral health - “Healthy mouth, healthy body!” BlueM provides a solution for gum problems such as bleeding gums, gingivitis and periodontitis.




Gingivitis is the dental term for inflamed gums. Healthy gums are tight around the teeth. Inflamed gums, on the other hand, sometimes bleed, feel very sore, and make the gums red in colour.




Periodontitis is a form of inflamed gums and can include inflammation around the jawbone. Prolonged inflamed gums may become detached from the teeth, resulting in space created between the teeth and gums (pockets). The inflammation can damage the bone through these pockets, loosening teeth which in the long run will fall out. The bad bacteria can also reach other body parts through the pockets and gums.


Natural oxygen has many benefits such as the acceleration of the healing process. Through the use of active oxygen, BlueM products are very effective in treating gum problems.  BlueM toothpaste


Advantages BlueM toothpaste:

  • Contains a high concentration of natural oxygen
  • Eliminates bad bacteria
  • Contains no scouring ingredients
  • Penetrates deep into the tissues  

Use BlueM toothpaste in combination with BlueM mouthwash for the optimal treatment of gum diseases!

BlueM mouthwash


Advantages BlueM mouthwash:

  • Reaches places where your toothbrush can’t
  • Alcohol-free – not drying out the mouth
  • Prevents receding gums
  • Contains a neutral pH-value


Easy use of BlueM products

Healthy gums are essential for the maintenance of healthy teeth and fresh breath. Dr. Blijdorp advises to rinse your mouth with BlueM mouthwash twice a day. Ensuring all bad bacteria are removed and your mouth stays healthy!

Suffering from larger wounds within the mouth? Try BlueM oral gel! The gel contains a higher concentration of natural oxygen compared to BlueM toothpaste or mouthwash to treat inflammatory gums fast and effectively.