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blue®m dental chewing gum


This high-quality dental chewing gum helps to keep teeth clean and stimulates saliva production. The right choice to complement your daily oral care. (30 pieces per pack). Read more

  • unique formula with active oxygen from Manuka honey
  • with Manuka essential oil, baking soda, xylitol and lactoferrin
  • neutralisation of plaque acids
  • contributes to the natural defenses
  • reduction of oral dryness
  • helps maintain a beautiful smile
  • powerful breath care
  • aspartame-free
  • long lasting taste technology

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blue®m dental chewing gum

Research has shown that a chewing gum after a meal contributes to cleaner teeth. Not only does it remove bacteria from the chewing surfaces, it stimulates saliva production, rinsing away food residues between the teeth and strengthening tooth enamel. 

blue®m has developed a chewing gum with active oxygen from Manuka honey. In addition to sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and xylitol, this gum contains specially selected, high-quality ingredients, such as essential Manuka oil and lactoferrin. This chewing gum neutralizes the acids in dental plaque, helps to keep teeth clean and works effectively against dry mouth.

Take care of yourself, use dental gum at least once to three times a day.

Dental chewing gum is not only ideal for people who want to do something extra for their oral hygiene, but also for people with dental problems and a dry mouth. For people with limited motor skills, including (older) children and for athletes to prevent dry mouth.

Do you really want to take good care of yourself? Then this gum is the right choice to complement your daily oral care. Use a gum once or three times a day between brushings. The taste is so powerful that you can easily chew for half an hour while maintaining fresh breath. This special long-lasting taste technology was developed in Italy.

High quality ingredients & long lasting taste to benefit oral health

Xylitol is a natural sweetener. Various scientific studies have shown that xylitol has an anti-cariogenic effect and protects teeth against cavities. For example, 6 g of xylitol per day can reduce the risk of caries by 90%.

Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)
Sodium bicarbonate appears safe and effective for the removal of dental plaque and reduction of gingivitis.

Lactoferrin is one of our most powerful ingredients. It is a protein naturally found in saliva that kills bacteria. It is a natural antibiotic that protects us from all kinds of fungi, bacteria and viruses. It can be found in our very own breast milk as well as cow’s milk. We derive our lactoferrin from lactose. If you are highly allergic to lactose please pay attention.

Manuka Oil
Manuka is a plant that has been used for centuries by the Maori people in New Zealand. It has many medicinal benefits and properties. Some of the best refer to great disinfecting and antibacterial properties. These are especially useful in preventing and improving most oral hygiene problems. Manuka essential oil has been proven effective against at least 39 strains of bacteria and germs.

Manuka Honey
Just like the honey we use in our oral care products, Manuka honey is extremely effective as a weapon against tooth decay and dental plaques.


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